What Causes a Clogged Septic Tank

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What Causes a Clogged Septic Tank

If you live in an unpopular area, there's a big chance you’re part of the group who uses septic tanks. These systems are strong and durable depending on how you use them. They are extremely essential because of the way they manage wastewater. This tank is underground and collects all of your wastewater. It is designed specifically to break down the waste it receives so it can transition that broken down waste to the soil for it to be absorbed. These systems are environmentally friendly as well since they use minimal energy, don't need chemicals to function, and generate no pollutants at all. On top of that they are cost efficient too, but they can become clogged quickly.

In this blog post, our professionals at Septic Blue of Raleigh will explain 10 reasons on why your septic tank is clogged.

Grease, Fats, and Oils

As you’re in the kitchen, washing down grease, fats, and oils can be a usual occurrence. Although your plates are clean, this can harm your septic tank. The thing about these 3 is that once they cool down, they stick to wherever they are in the drain. As time passes on, you can see how this can cause an issue. It can slow down the waste that passes through the drain and can lead to a clog or overflow.


This seems off as a septic tank always works with water. That is correct, but too much excess water is also bad for the system. It can quickly overwhelm the tank and leave no room for the waste. The result of this may be bad odors and clogged drains.

An example of this is taking a shower while the washing machine is working.

Non-Degradable Objects

A usual problem for septic tanks would be the occurrence of non-degradable materials thrown into the tank. These can include plastic wrappers, paper towels, and etc. As these items enter the system, it will not break down. This can lead to the pipes eventually becoming blocked. The result of all of this will be an expensive septic tank repair.


Roots such as tree roots carry the possibility of blocking your septic tank. Their roots have the capability to break through the pipes of your system and collapse it as well. It is recommended to have your tank inspected regularly to avoid this from happening.


These garbage disposals have been something used frequently in the past few years. It is also something to look out for as it has the ability to block your drain pipe with too much garbage.


Improper maintenance is an occurring problem as people forget or do not use a septic tank pumping service. When a tank isn’t maintained properly, the possibility of overflowing or clogging doubles.

Drain Field Problems

A drain field is where the water is sent to be treated and absorbed. Problems can occur from this too. With overuse of the system or improper maintenance, you’ll come across drain field issues.


Floods are an area of concern for septic tanks. With the way they oversaturate the drain field, the system is likely to break down. For this reason, you can follow procedures to protect your system.

Cleaning Chemicals

When using chemicals, make sure to use ones that are safe towards septic tanks. If not, these chemicals can ruin the bacteria inside the system that breaks down the waste. As a result, you’ll need a repair.

Insufficient Water

For a septic system to operate, there is a certain water limit needed. If that isn’t met, there will be nothing to operate on. For this reason, have your system inspected to make sure this doesn’t happen.

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