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Septic Blue of Raleigh offers reliable emergency septic cleaning, installation, pumping, inspection, repair and maintenance in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Wake Forest, Knightdale, NC and all surrounding areas. 

Apart from being a professional septic plumber in solving septic tank issues for homeowners and commercial customers, Septic Blue of Raleigh is a well-known name for all your septic related matters. We offer complete septic service that is fast and professional. We also offer same day service in North Carolina. 

Septic Blue of Raleigh is insured, licensed, and bonded and makes certain to fix the septic problems right the first time. Our septic plumbers are experienced and very skilled at handling large and small septic problems. Contact Septic Blue of Raleigh today for a free estimate.

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What Is Septic Tank Cleaning?

A septic tank is exactly that: a tank which houses wastewater and solid waste from your household. Every time you flush the toilet, take a shower, or wash your dishes, the wastewater and solid waste are discharged into the septic tank where they are broken down by bacteria and chemicals in the system. Over time, your septic tank fills with sewage and wastewater. Most liquids are discharged into the drain field while some are pumped out regularly. Septic tank cleaning is for removing the sludge and scum that sink to the bottom. This procedure is important to prevent sewage backups and leaking.

How Can I Decrease the Frequency of My Septic Tank Cleaning?

Using water-efficient appliances can reduce the amount of waste that fills your septic tank. Further, do not flush hard objects down your toilet and toss leftover food into the trash instead of down your sink as these objects will fill your septic tank prematurely. Finally, avoid using chemical cleaners that can kill the vital bacteria in your septic tank.

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Affordable Septic Services

Septic Blue offers the most affordable septic services yet dependable septic tank services in the area.

Licensed & Insured
Licensed & Insured

All Septic Blue technicians are highly skilled, licensed, insured and certified to provide the best septic services you can get.

Emergency Septic Service
Emergency Service

Septic Blue offers emergency septic services whenever & wherever you need in Raleigh, NC area.

Affordable Septic Company
Upfront Pricing

Straight forward pricing! Pay the price you're quoted, no surprises fees. You pay for the job, not the labor 24/7