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Septic Blue offers the most affordable septic services yet dependable septic tank services in the area.

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Licensed & Insured

All Septic Blue technicians are highly skilled, licensed, insured and certified to provide the best septic services you can get.

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Emergency Service

Septic Blue offers emergency septic services whenever & wherever you need in Raleigh, NC area.

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Upfront Pricing

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Wyatt, NC

Septic Pumping in Wyatt, NC

Are you among the twenty percent of households in the United States with a septic system installed on the property? If so, make sure you stay on top of regular maintenance. As the most important maintenance item for septic system, septic cleaning is best done by professionals with years of experience and all of the necessary equipment. Those looking for septic pumping or septic tank cleaning in Wyatt are invited to call Septic Blue for quick, affordable, and reliable service. Septic Blue is your local septic company in Wyatt with dedicated customer service, dependable septic service, and competitive prices. Call Septic Blue today to consult with a representative and get your price estimate upfront. We look forward to taking your call.

What Is Septic Pumping?

The septic system is not connected to a treatment facility. Instead, the treatment is done on-site. That is, the pipes in your household are connected to a septic tank out in the yard where all of the treatment is handled.

Waste and wastewater generated by your household heads into the septic tank where they form three layers. The middle layer of liquid effluent, or wastewater, is discharged into the drain field where it percolates through the soil for treatment. The top layer of scum and bottom layer of solid waste remain in the septic tank where they are broken down by "good" bacteria. The breakdown into sludge is space-saving but even sludge takes up space. Eventually the septic tank reaches its capacity and must be emptied.

Enter: the wastewater treatment system cleaning. This is usually done using a massive, specialized vacuum. Unless you have the experience, equipment, and vehicle for the job, you might want to leave this work to trained technicians.

Reliable Septic Company in Wyatt, NC

Consequences of Neglecting Your Septic Tank

The septic tank is not a bottomless pit but neglecting your septic tank pumping in Wyatt can certainly create a pit of problems. If you are not scheduling routine septic pumping and septic cleaning, you can rest assured you will face some of these issues:

  • Pools of foul water around the drain field of your septic system
  • Slow-draining sinks and toilets
  • Foul stenches around the septic system and drain field
  • Overflowing sludge and scum onto your lawn and yard
  • A system failure

When to Schedule Septic Tank Pumping?

How often you will need to schedule septic cleaning depends on its usage and the size of your septic tank. Generally, septic tanks need to be cleaned once every couple of years, but smaller households with larger septic tanks can go up to four years before needing a septic cleaning. If you have recently moved into your property and do not know when the tank was last pumped out, then we recommend you schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Remember, it is always better safe than sorry.

Serving All Areas of Wyatt

If you live in Wyatt and have been searching the web for "septic tank pumping near me," then you are at the right place. We are proud to serve all areas of Wyatt with quick and affordable septic tank pumping and septic cleaning.

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