The Major Differences Between Septic and Sewer System

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Oct 17, 2022

Septic Vs. Sewer System: The Major Differences

There is one of two ways the waste from your home exits through your pipe lines. You either have a septic tank, or you are connected to the sewer system in your area. There are certain areas that one beats the other on, but as a whole, these are great systems that you should appreciate.

Our professionals at Septic Blue of Raleigh have listed the major differences between the two to give you an insight of these systems.

Location & Process

The objective that both septic and sewer systems have is to collect and treat the waste they receive. As one belongs to a homeowner, the other belongs to the community surrounding it. 

A septic system receives waste from one home only. The way this works is by having a septic tank installed underground in your property. After receiving it, the tank treats the waste on-site. During treatment, it involves the waste being broken down into solid and liquid parts. The liquid waste goes through the drain field to be disposed of as the solids become sludge at the bottom of the tank. As time goes on, the sludge stacks up and a process called septic tank pumping is needed. With the use of this process, it removes the sludge to prevent a possibility of an overflow.

A sewer system receives the waste from multiple properties. As all the waste combines, they are channeled to a central treatment area. In this location, all of the solids, liquids, and chemicals are separated. The reason for this is to make the cleaning process easier to later on recycle the water for human and environmental usage.


Sewer systems are generally more popular than septic tanks. As there are high population areas, companies set up connecting sewer systems around the area.

With septic tanks, you can have one installed anywhere as long as you have the land and space for it. The advantage of a septic tank is that you have a personal system that handles your needs and is environmentally friendly. It is extremely durable and rarely gets replaced, as long as it is taken care of. If it isn’t properly looked after, then a septic tank repair can be needed.


When you move into a brand new home. You have to contact a council that installs sewer systems. This is a process that can take some time as these councils install sewer systems based on the amount of waste that they receive from an area.

With a septic tank system, the homeowner installs the tank whenever they want to. The most you’ll need is a permit to register for approval to install the septic system.

Environmental Aspect

You may ask, which is more environmentally friendly? The answer would be a septic tank. A tank that is properly looked after and maintained surpasses a sewer system.

A sewer system depends mostly on chemicals for their treatment process. On the other hand, a septic system depends on the process of natural decomposition.

As a septic system uses natural decomposition, it filters out the dangerous bacteria before the water disposal. Since you control what enters the tank, it might be a rare occurrence for this dangerous bacteria to be in your system.

Do You Need a Reliable Septic Service?

Even with all the advantages of a septic tank, it still requires maintenance and proper care. Call our friendly representatives at Septic Blue of Raleigh to send a technician your way.