Signs Of Sewage Ejector Pump Malfunction

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Signs Of Sewage Ejector Pump Malfunction

Septic tanks are one of the most common systems in residences, and there are benefits to using them over traditional sewer systems. However, they aren't without their problems, and homeowners should be aware of some of the most common issues. One of these issues is the ejector pump malfunctioning. If you suspect a malfunction contact Septic Blue of Raleigh immediately. Catch a potential septic tank repair as early on as possible before it becomes a larger concern.

What Is a Septic Tank Ejector Pump?

The septic tank ejector pump is a submersible pump that pumps out the liquid from your septic tank. It is usually attached to the bottom of your sewage pipe and pumps the sewage out of the septic tank and into the lines that lead to your house. The septic tank ejector pump is connected to a switch so that when you open up or close down your water supply, it will turn on or off accordingly.

Signs of Sewage Ejector Pump Malfunction

Sewage ejector pumps are used to expel sewage from homes and businesses. These pumps are designed to run continuously. As such, you must know how to identify the signs of a malfunctioning ejector pump.

You Can’t Flush the Toilet

If your toilet doesn't flush properly, there is a good chance that the plumbing in your house could be clogged. This is because when the sewage ejector pumps malfunction, they can cause blockages in your pipes or drains. If you cannot flush your toilet properly and it keeps overflowing, it could be a sign that something is wrong with your sewage ejector pump.

Water Drains Slowly

Another sign of a sewage ejector pump malfunctioning is water draining slowly from sinks and bathtubs in your home or business premises. When this happens, there might be some kind of problem with your sewage ejector pump, causing it to fail, thus preventing water from draining out properly through drains in your home or business premises.

Slow Or No Water Pressure

If you notice that there is no water pressure in any part of your home or office, this may indicate that your sewage ejector pump has stopped working. It is also possible that the ejector pump has not been installed properly and needs to be checked by an expert before using it again.

Pumping Is Slow Or Sluggish

If your sewage ejector pump is slow to start up and take action, this can be a sign of problems. It could also mean it’s having trouble pumping the water out of the lift station or septic tank. The reason for this might be that there is too many solids in the tank, which means that the water level has risen above its normal level. This will make it harder for the sewage ejector pump to function properly, so you’ll need to get an expert to look at it and make some adjustments if necessary.

Sewage Backup

The main problem with a malfunctioning sewage ejector pump is that it could lead to sewage backup into your home or business. When this happens, you’ll have to get someone in right away as it means that there is too much solid waste in your system, which needs removing immediately before further damage is done. You should never ignore this problem because it could become a major problem if left untreated.

Is the Ejector Pump Not Cycling Properly?

If your sewage ejector pump is not cycling properly, it can cause several problems. This could be due to a bad float switch or a float switch that needs to be adjusted. If this is the case, it could also mean that your float switch has become damaged or broken.

Call Septic Blue of Raleigh immediately if your sewage ejector pump does not cycle properly. You need to have your system inspected immediately, so you do not have any issues with overflowing sewage into your home or business.

Is the Ejector Pump Alarm Off?

If the alarm on your sewage ejector pump goes off for no reason, this could indicate that something is wrong with your system or there is an issue with the water pressure in your home or business building. It is best to call a plumber immediately when this happens because if left unchecked, there can be serious consequences down the road.

Grinding Noises From The Lift Station

If you hear grinding noises coming from your sewage ejector pump, it means that there is something wrong with it. The gears cause the grinding noise in the sewage ejector pump to get stuck or jammed together, preventing them from working properly.

The most common cause of this problem is when debris gets into the sewage ejector pump and clogs up the small openings where water flows through. This causes water to build up inside your drain lines and makes a loud grinding noise when it tries to move through those clogged lines.

Call a Professional Immediately

The most critical thing to remember when experiencing sewage ejector pump problems is not to panic. If the pump does give out, you have a little time to deal with it, but that time is limited. The longer you wait, the less likely it is that you will save your system. As listed above, there are quite a few symptoms of sewage ejector pump failure, and all of them need to be investigated as soon as possible by Septic Blue of Raleigh. A septic tank pumping may be necessary, or you may need a septic tank repair. Acting swiftly helps alleviate concerns about a potential replacement!