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Septic Tank Repair in Durham

Septic Tank Repair in Durham, NC

When the toilet starts backing up into the house, and you perceive bad odor from the backyard, there is every possibility that your sewage facility is faulty and you need septic tank repair. Furthermore, when your drain-field has standing water, it shows that something may be wrong with your sewage facility.

The first step to take in such a situation is to call certified plumbing and environmental protection companies like Septic Blue to come for evaluation and possible septic tank repair and pumping. The next thing you should do is employ safety precautions by giving specific instructions to children and other residents of the house to keep off from such area before calling out for septic tank repair in Durham. You should also endeavor to keep your pet away.

Septic system repair and other remediation measures should be employed immediately such things are noticed in your yard because if you procrastinate, it will endanger the lives of individuals and also contaminate groundwater with bacteria, nutrients, and other hazardous elements. When you invite professionals from Septic blue to have a look at the situation, they could recommend septic tank repair in Durham or septic tank maintenance.

When you should repair or replace your septic tank.

Apart from odors, percolation of wastewater, and back up of toilets, you should consider replacing your septic tank if its old. Another reason why you need Durham septic repair is the user abuse caused by homeowners and tenants who allow substances and non-degradable materials to go down the drain. Such activities are wrong septic tank maintenance approach and may cause the homeowner to experience the following:

  • Surfacing sewage
  • Wet Spots
  • Septic system malfunction
  • Septic tank backups

Some of these are warning signs that shouldnt be taken lightly by the homeowner, contact professionals from Septic Blue for evaluation and septic tank Repair in Durham

Septic Tank Maintenance in Durham

Some septic tanks in Durham are not properly installed, not environmentally sound and consequently havent been working well. The malfunctioning of septic tanks can cause significant health risk to humans, animals, and other living things because they spread bacteria and other pathogens to the environment. Most homeowners do not check their septic tanks to know when the need for septic maintenance will arise or when it should be pumped. This has caused the earlier failure of the most septic tanks in Durham.

You dont need to be skeptical to contact licensed and experienced environmental protection companies like Septic Blue for Durham septic repair or septic tank maintenance because we dont charge for consultations. Just give us a call because we have the best technology for every situation and location in Durham. Other reasons why you should contact Septic blue for septic maintenance in Durham and installations:


For many years, we have built an enviable reputation among the residents who need septic tank repairs and septic maintenance in Durham. We have a team of professional staff who pay attention to details, highly focused with ethical standards.


We have conventional equipment for all kinds septic tank maintenance, septic tank repairs, and installations. We are geared to taking the environmental protection in Durham to a whole new level using groundbreaking facilities.


We go the extra mile to ensure excellence service delivery in all the septic tank repair and installation projects in Durham. We offer septic evaluation, repairs, and installation services that are not comparable to none. You can call and schedule evaluation appointments to avail you the opportunity to experience our septic system repair and other exceptional services.