How To Disguise Your Septic Tank

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How To Disguise Your Septic Tank

The best-looking homes have a clean, uniform curb appeal, and hiding your ugly septic tank could make all the difference for your home. Septic Blue of Raleigh keeps this in mind when installing septic tanks and scheduling septic tank pumping.

Luckily, there are ways you can "disguise" your septic tank, so it looks less like a smelly eyesore and more like just a part of your yard. Here are some simple ways to "disguise" your septic tank and have people only thinking about how beautiful your home looks instead of questioning what might be buried in your front yard.


If you're installing a new septic tank for your home, you'll have the option of placing it where you want the tank to be located. This will minimize the area that needs to be landscaped and make disguising your septic tank easier. Considerations should include ease of access for septic tank pumping and septic tank repair as required.

Disguising your septic tank with landscaping has several benefits:

  • You can hide your septic tank from view.
  • You can turn the area into something beautiful that adds to your landscaping and curb appeal.
  • If you have children or pets who run around outdoors, you don't have to worry about them playing on top of or around the septic tank.

For all the good they do, septic tanks are not exactly a welcome addition to your property. Nobody wants to see a hulking concrete tank in their yard or have to think about it every time they flush the toilet. Fortunately, you can take steps to make your septic system much less noticeable and much more attractive.


One of the best ways to disguise your septic tank is to install risers. These plastic or concrete extensions will push your lids up out of the ground, making them easier to access for pumping and inspection and helping them blend in with the grass. If you choose risers that match the color of your grass, they'll be virtually invisible.


Another option is to choose covers that match your landscaping. You can find lids made from various materials, including plastic, concrete, and metal, and range from heavy-duty industrial pieces to delicate stepping stones that you can walk on.

Potted Plants

Another easy way to disguise a septic tank is with potted plants. Potted plants provide a bit of greenery while hiding part of the tank from view. You can use large pots or plant smaller plants in multiple pots to hide more of the septic system.


Before we get into what to do, let's start with what not to do. The following are common mistakes many people make when trying to hide their septic tanks from view.


Trees can be beautiful, but they're not a good option for disguising your septic tank. The roots of trees can invade your tank and cause serious damage over time.


Fencing is another thing that might seem like a great idea at first, but it's not recommended because the posts might interfere with proper maintenance access to the tank.

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetables and plants won't cause any damage, but they aren't a good choice either because they require frequent watering that could overload the system.

Your Septic Tank Does Not Need To Be an Eyesore

If you have a septic tank, you know what an eyesore it can be from the surface, especially if it is installed on your property. Luckily there are ways to hide the unsightly top of a septic tank cover, including these tips.

Get helpful ideas for keeping your septic tank buried and put out of sight with Septic Blue of Raleigh. Septic Blue of Raleigh specializes in commercial and residential septic tank installation. We can help find the right solution for your needs and wants at the best price.