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Septic Service in Chapel Hill

Septic Blue offers expert septic tank pumping, septic cleaning, septic system installation, repair, inspection and maintenance in Chapel Hill, NC. Septic Service in Chapel Hill

At Septic Blue, our goal with every septic system job is to complete the necessary septic pumping services, with minimal impact on our customers’ yard and landscaping. In the event we have to excavate your septic opening, we will always replace the earth we move and restore the site to the best condition possible, and we will not leave until you are satisfied with our work. Also, we avoid sewage backups in your yard by using our powerful pumping track and vacuum hose to remove solids and liquids from your tank effectively.

Septic Pumping in Chapel Hill

Septic Blue is delivering professional septic tank pumping services to customers in Chapel Hill and throughout the Triangle Area. We at Septic Blue, are proud to provide the following septic pumping services to residents and businesses throughout the Triangle area:

  • Septic system pumping in Chapel Hill
  • Septic tank pumping in Chapel Hill

How Often Should I Have My Septic Tank Pumped?

The standard number of years between septic tank pumping based upon the size of your tank and the number of full-time residents in your home. It is important to have your septic system pumped regularly to ensure you maintain optimal performance and avoid any costly, unpleasant malfunctions.

Most often, the two things that influence the frequency of septic tank pumping are the number of people in the house and how the system is used. Naturally, the more people using the system means more wastewater will be generated. This is not something you can do anything about, but it is important to keep in mind when considering how to schedule septic system maintenance.

Chapel Hill Septic Pumping

Tips on Septic Tank Pumping

  • Know what to expect: Call around and get prices for inspection and pumping including locating the lids for the septic tank. Ask each inspector what the inspection will include so you can compare more accurately.
  • Be prepared: Just because you have gone 5 years without a peep does not mean your tank can last much longer. It is always better to do this on your terms instead on in an emergency last minute situation.
  • Careful water management: Know that only toilet paper should go down the toilet and that even small leaks from a toilet or shower can lead to hundreds of gallons over time filling your tank faster than expected. Save water whenever possible.
  • Keep good records: Write down the age, size, and capacity of your septic tank. Keep track of inspections and pumping for future reference.

At Septic Blue, we provide a wide array of septic tank pumping and septic system pumping services for residents and businesses throughout the Chapel Hill area. With a highly-experienced staff, all of the proper equipment, and an emphasis on reliability and customer service, we are fully equipped to meet any of your septic pump system needs in Chapel Hill.

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Call us today at or contact us to discover how we at Septic Blue can meet all of your needs! We offer 24/7 customer services to all our Chapel Hill areas. 

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  • Septic Blue of Raleigh offers expert septic tank pumping, septic cleaning, septic system installation, repair, inspection and maintenance in Raleigh, NC.

  • When buying a new home, there are many things you will discover you will need to do before you can completely settle in.  In most counties it is a requirement to have your septic tank inspection performed annually.

  • How long has it been since your septic system was checked Septic Blue’s pumping services provide septic services to Knightdale and many of the surrounding communities. Septic Blue is fully licensed, insured and certified.

  • Septic Blue is a septic tank pumping company serving the Cary, NC area. We will keep your drain and septic systems operating properly with professional septic tank cleaning, straight renewal, and sewer line cleaning and diagnostic services.

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