Septic Tank Inspection in Cary, NC

As a leading environmental service provider, we recommend that you conduct a septic tank inspection in Cary if:

You want to buy a new property

Before purchasing any property, you need to check out every aspect because it doesn’t make sense paying for a house that may have hidden faults. Making such mistakes will cost you a lot of money in the future, so you need to verify the plumbing fixtures, the drains, electrical wiring, security, etc. Using a reputable company like Septic Blue for septic inspection in Cary is probably the best decision you can make.

The building is above 20 years old.

The drainage system and drains weaken with time because the toilets, bathroom, and kitchen are probably the most used parts of the residential buildings. To avoid future problems with your drainage system, it's paramount that you consult us for a septic system inspection. The inspection process is not complex, and the cost is relatively affordable. At the end of the day, you will appreciate the fact that having a septic inspection is the ideal thing to do.

Cary Septic Inspector

You are experiencing frequent problems with your septic tank

If you’ve had persistent septic tank problems over time and in one of the occasions, you went closer to a septic tank or a drainage field (soakaway) that is filled up; you wouldn’t want to have such an experience again. The odor is irritating, and it is probably unhealthy. A thorough septic system inspection carried out on that property will help to identify the faults so that it will be resolved once and for all.

How septic tank inspection is carried out.

A thorough septic tank inspection involves the use of CCTV drainage survey equipment to analyze the pipes and the entire septic system structure. The septic tank has to be emptied for cameras to be lowered into the tank to identify cracks or root ingress on the structure. Sometimes, structural related problems must be resolved for the septic tank and drainage system to work efficiently. Septic system inspection is a very important factor that will determine the functionality of your drainage system going forward, therefore, it should be done be an experienced and certified plumber.

At Septic Blue, we don’t believe in double standards, and that is why quality service delivery is our top most priority

After our septic inspection in Cary, our report will stipulate:

  • Possible damages found in the structure of the septic tank like tree root damages or cracks due to erosion and other environmental factors.
  • Information about the capacity of the septic tank and how long it will last.
  • Compliance issues with the septic tank.
  • Condition of the pipes and other plumbing features.
  • General recommendations about the septic tanks.

Identifying potential issues in any property you want to will help you make the right decision, but most people fail to do this because of sentimental attachments. The foundation of your building, roof, wiring, security and the integrity of the structure are as important as the drainage system. Therefore, none of those building components should be neglected when you are investing in real estate because trouble might be brewing underground without the knowledge of the seller and once you have made the purchase, every liability becomes your responsibility.

Why not give us a call at Septic Blue for septic inspection in Cary and other surrounding cities.

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  • How often do you carry out professional septic tank inspection in your residential or commercial building in Raleigh, North Carolina? The septic tank helps in collecting sewage and wastewater from your home. Septic inspection offers an actual means to detect a problem with your septic tank. 

  • Professional technicians who perform septic inspection in Durham do look out for several things during inspection, one of such is to check out the last time the tank was pumped. In this case the sludge levels must be checked to determine whether the tank must be pumped immediately or not

  • You never notice but your septic system that is buried underground is also an important element of your plumbing system that needs your shout out. If you do not respect them in time, they will make you do so.

  • Having a septic inspection in Chapel Hill is very important in order to ensure that your septic tank works at its optimal levels. Aside from the septic tank inspection in Capel Hill, technicians also provide a number of maintenance care information to clients. 

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